Deliciously Decadent Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a classic treat that has been around for years. These delicious treats are easy to make, and are a perfect way to add a little something special to any occasion. Whether it’s for a romantic night in, a birthday party, or just a special treat for yourself, chocolate covered strawberries are sure to please.


Making chocolate covered strawberries is easy and only requires a few simple ingredients. You will need:

  • Fresh strawberries
  • Chocolate chips or melting chocolate
  • Optional: Sprinkles, nuts, or other toppings


To get started, you will need to melt your chocolate. You can either use melting chocolate or chocolate chips. If using chips, you will need to melt them in a double boiler or microwave. Once the chocolate is melted, dip each strawberry into the chocolate. Make sure to cover the strawberry completely. Place the dipped strawberries onto a parchment lined baking sheet. If desired, you can add sprinkles, nuts, or other toppings at this time. Place the baking sheet into the refrigerator for about 10 minutes or until the chocolate has set. Enjoy!


  • Keep it fresh: For the best results, make sure to use fresh strawberries. You don’t want the strawberries to be too ripe or too soft.
  • Chocolate options: You can use any type of melting chocolate or chocolate chips. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, or even flavored chocolate can be used.
  • Storage: Chocolate covered strawberries can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Chocolate covered strawberries are a classic treat that is sure to please. They are easy to make and can be customized to your liking. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just for a treat, chocolate covered strawberries are always a hit.

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